Padmanabh Venkatesh Anushthan -

#Padmanabh #Venkatesh #Anushthan caters to Lord Vishnu #Puja which is performed with a specific count of chant or Jaap of Vishnu Mantra. The mantra of Lord Vishnu connects the native or devotee to Lord Vishnu. This anushthan is generally performed for good materialistic gains and blessings of Lord #Vishnu or some other specific wish. The day of the start of a Shri Narayan #Pooja can sometimes change depending upon the time which is required by the Pandits doing this pooja to complete the chant of Shri #Narayan Mantra.
Puja ! What is Puja ! What is Homam! Benefit of Puja and Homam

#Puja is another aspect of God which acts as a spiritual relationship with #God through prayers, songs and rituals. Homam is the worship made for a particular god by calling of Agni (Fire). There are many adverse forces that put our peace and happiness in danger. With the help of #pujaandhomam, these forces can be eliminated. If a person wants to move forward on the #spiritual path, then there is a need to worship that which helps him achieve this goal of attaining spiritual prosperity.
Saturn-Rahu and Ketu, the remedy to remove all three defects together

Saturn-Rahu and Ketu, you can suffer from the defects of any one of these houses or two houses or all three planets. Different types of remedies are suggested to remove their flaws. In addition to doing all these measures today, we are giving you information about a solution that uses the faults of the three planets to calm down together. So let us know about this remedy.
12 zodiac signs, Lord of the #houses

According to the astrology, the description of 12 #zodiac signs and 9 #planets is found. All these 12 zodiac signs are operated by all 9 planets. That is, every amount is under any house. Of which all planets except Sun and Moon get 2-2 amounts. That is, the sun and the moon are the owners of only one zodiac, and all other houses have two masters.
#Pearl gems? The method and benefits of wearing pearl gems

#Astrology is a major factor in the calculation of the past and future of the person in Hindu religion. Astrology is a solution to all the sufferings of the person. According to astrology, all the problems encountered by the person are related to the planets. Today we are going to give you information about Moti #Gemstone. What is pearl gem? Which house is associated with Moti #Gem?
The Perfect remedy for #childbirth

If a woman is having problems in giving birth to a child, then she can do the simple steps written in this article for a child, with very ease. But it is very necessary to take measures with the utmost care and reverence. We are giving the #information about what mantra will be recited and pujas for beneficial for you.
The exact tricks of success in #interview

#competition has increased so much that in recent times, getting a #job for a common man has become the biggest goal of life. There was a time when the job was easy after a little effort. But today, the equation for getting a job is in front of you. Whether it is a #government job or a job in a private sector, wherever you go, a long queue is available. Even after getting qualified for the job, a failure can fall out on any #person.
Learn! Measures to make Venus powerful will be the achievement of pleasure and happiness

Venus is the brightest planets and is a symbol of love. Venus is a feminine woman, it has a direct connection with the sexuality of man and it is directly related to all kinds of beauty and majesty. If Venus gives auspicious effect in someone's horoscope then that person is attractive, beautiful and adorable. With the special effects of Venus, he remains happy throughout life.
Perform these remedies on Tuesday; it can change your destiny

In Vedic texts, the day of Tuesday is considered to be the most auspicious for welfare activities. On this day, Lord Hanuman takes care of his devotees. If you feel that success seems to be hand-in-hand, and there is no success in achieving success, then take some measures on Tuesday. You will definitely get the benefit and your desire will be fulfilled.
Chandal Dosh Nivaran Puja

Chandal defect is also considered to be worse than saadhasati, kalsarp defect, and Mangal defect. There are many methods of worship for the prevention of Chandal Dosh. The best method is the legislation done by the Vedic Mantras. Nine planets are calmed by their mantras for the peace of defect.