हसबैंड वाइफ हाथ पकड़े बाज़ार जा रहे थे उन्हे देख कर दोस्त बोला इतने साल बाद भी इतनी मोहब्बत 🤔
हसबैंड बोला ओ भाई कैसी मोहब्बत🤕🤕
हाथ छोड़ते ही दुकान मे घुस जाती है😂😂
People remember our good work
only till our next mistake.
So never feel proud on appreciation
and never feel depressed on criticism
Just keep doing your job..

Gud mrng😊
sunny: Very nice thoughts....
Great lines by K.V.Ramachandra:

"Change cannot be given to you everytime. You must bring the change"

Who is K.V. Ramachandra?
He is Hyderabad to Secunderabad bus conductor. Now read it again.😆
Pls if anyone stops u in the parking lot of a mall or somewhere else and ask if u're interested in some perfume and gives u a paper to smell, pls don't smell. It's a new scam, the paper is laced with drugs. U'll pass out so they can kidnap, rob or do worse things to u. Pls forward to all friends n family. Save a life please. This was received from a Senior police officer, take note and alert everyone u want to protect. Knowledge is power !
It can save a life !
💁Being Girl is soo Expensive👀👸💇💅 👄👗👚👘💃👡👠💄💍👜👛👒
There's no competition when you're manifesting your own lane...!!
This means that no body is strong enough in Corporate world & there is very limited space for ideologies & principles !!