Vastu means that which is real and real. It means a house or a nest or a place of residence. What is related to this type of Shastra is called Vaastu Shastra. it has no equal, it gives man infinite pleasures, it erases the sins of man, it gives man the adequate measures to build his house, he gives knowledge of the environmental and climatic conditions of a site, he provides knowledge of a dwelling place, land , village, dweilling house, two-story house, a well and a tank, deals with the systematic study of these things. What teaches all these things and provides knowledge of these things is called 'Vastu Shastra'. Vaastu is very old and it is said in Vedas and Puranas. Our culture lies in the Vedas. Vadas are the sources of our traditions. For example, Rigvoda deals with carpenters and masons and their occupations.